Tianshuang is an AI-powered mobile safety and industrial management solutions provider for commercial vehicles.

Commercial vehicle

Due to the heavy load, large blind spots, complex road conditions, and weak safety awareness of drivers, commercial vehicles inevitably face various safety risks during driving In addition to commercial vehicles such as trucks and school buses, this also includes special vehicles such as forklifts, electric and tractor trucks, sanitation vehicles, harvesters, etc
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Commercial Vehicle 360 Panoramic Monitoring System Solution

Flexible Integration

The fusion scheme of ultrasonic radar and imaging system is used, and the system integrates AI machine vision algorithm. It can actively detect obstacles around the vehicle, and display the distance, orientation, and image of obstacles on the display screen in the driver's cab. At the same time, the sound and light alarms inside and outside the vehicle provide intuitive prompts to the driver. Thus improving the safety performance of vehicles and reducing the occurrence of accidents.

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