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360 panoramic image appeared in Asia's largest auto eco-exhibition, Shenzhen satellite TV interview reported
Time: 2023/03/06

2023 March 3-5, the Kyushu Auto eco-expo, the largest auto eco-expo in the 2023, was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. We carry intelligent 360 panoramic products, Grand Debut Jiuzhou Exhibition!

This time, our products and solutions such as split machine, decode one machine, large screen navigation one machine, AI vision intelligent terminal appear, because of the professional technology and the mature application in the automobile front-loading market, attracted a large number of live audience stop to understand.

This series of products which can realize the ADAS advanced driving assistant function not only receive the attention of the visitors at the exhibition, but also receive the reports and interviews from the financial and Life Media Reporters of Shenzhen Satellite TV!

Our 360 Panorama uses a unique visual core algorithm to perfectly integrate the high-precision ADAS early warning auxiliary system with the 360 panorama, based on the camera, on the basis of the visual system, can realize high-end car only equipped with ADAS system functions. Including Lane deviation early warning, blind zone monitoring, pedestrian movement detection, vehicle starting to remind functions.

 In addition to literacy area, parking assistance, driving records, with high-end car only ADAS function, timely warning of potential hazards, active guarding driving safety, so that your travel safety more secure!

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