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Corporate culture - "Healthy life and happy work" The third badminton competition of the company is in progress
Time: 2023/03/06

In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of the company's partners, improve their physical quality, and strengthen the construction of corporate culture, the company will rent and book badminton venues for the company's partners for daily sports every year for a long time, and will regularly take a period of time to organize and hold badminton competitions. In April this year, the third "High IQ" Cup Badminton Competition held by Tianshuang Technology arrived as scheduled, and the company partners were organized to carry out badminton competitions after work on Tuesday and Thursday.

The company partners are enthusiastic about this. At the beginning, nearly 40 people have joined the badminton team. After work, everyone changes into sportswear and equipment issued by the company. After a simple warm-up exercise, all athletes are eager to try.

During the game, some colleagues played fast, accurately and ruthlessly, which made people applaud; Some of them played exactly the same game; Some of them cooperate with each other perfectly; The whole sports scene is intense and interesting.

Although the clothes were soaked with sweat, every partner who participated in it felt the joy of mood and the relaxation of body. We put aside the pressure of work and forget the worries of life. From the elite in the workplace to the veteran in the shopping mall, we have turned into handsome athletes, all of them are vigorous and unrestrained on the court.

Through the weekly badminton competition activities, not only enrich everyone's spare time life and exercise, show the spirit of unity, hard work and positive progress, but also increase the company's centripetal force and cohesion, so that the majority of partners can better integrate into the company's harmonious development of corporate culture.

In the "Tianshuang" family, we not only have memories of fighting side by side, but also provide a good platform for us to exercise and develop. I believe that in the future, we can also integrate enthusiasm and motivation into our work, create a more harmonious working atmosphere, and grow together for a better future.

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