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Good news | warmly congratulate Tianshuang Technology on winning the National Invention Patent Certificate!
Time: 2023/03/06

Innovation will never stop, and science and technology will break through again. Recently, Tianshuang Technology has won the patent certificate for invention, a transparent panoramic parking system and its method. The acquisition of this patent not only further improved the company's intellectual property protection system, but also contributed to the technical innovation and service quality of Tianshuang Technology.

Tianshuang Technology will apply for and obtain a number of patents every year. In the eight years since the establishment of the company, Tianshuang Technology has applied for a large number of intellectual property rights and established its own intellectual property pool around the auto parking system, 360 panoramic parking image system, auto blind area monitoring and early warning auxiliary system and 360 panoramic integrated ADAS system.

The patent obtained this time is an effective practice for our company to advocate technical innovation and technological innovation, and has high practical value. These patent achievements have accumulated the impetus for the future development of Tianshuang Technology, and provided strong scientific and technological support for improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise and the company's redevelopment.


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