Tianshuang is an AI-powered mobile safety and industrial management solutions provider for commercial vehicles.

Passenger Car

For passenger car users, good comfort and safety during driving are very important, and intelligent auxiliary systems can help users clear blind spots, identify dangerous areas in advance, reduce scratches, collisions and other traffic accidents, and improve driving safety.
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Technical Advantages

360 ° panoramic integrated ADAS early warning system

The product captures real-time images of the vehicle's surroundings through four high-definition cameras, performs distortion correction processing on the images, and seamlessly splices the images to form a complete bird's-eye view of the vehicle's surrounding environment. Combined with the latest 3D image engine, it reduces user blind spots. At the same time, the intelligent ADAS Object detection algorithm can process lane lines and objects around the vehicle in real time, so that users can judge the surrounding dangerous areas in advance, reduce traffic accidents such as scratches and collisions, and improve driving safety.

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